My Story

I am a professional tutor with more than ten years of experience in teaching Physics. Thanks to my alma mater – After completing my secondary education at the Narammala Maurapada central college, I entered the University of Moratuwa. I was graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (BIT) and selected teaching as my career. My teaching journey was not a bed of roses, and I had to win over many difficult situations to reach my current position. 

During the earliest stage, I did not have any credit and was struggling to find scholars to teach. My initial student was from Kurunegala. Since I didn’t want to miss that opportunity and obliged to prove myself; I had to travel a long distance from Moratuwa to Kurunegala for conducting Physics lessons for a single student. Mostly, I had to spend my time travelling; it was not easy juggling between teaching and studies. This is how my tutoring journey commenced.

As the years went by, I enhanced my teaching methods and was able to invite many students to my Physics tuition. Currently, I am a leading Physics tutor in Sri Lanka, teaching over 1000 students across the island. I have committed my entire time teaching students while helping many scholars outshine their A/L examinations in Physics and qualify university entrance. Indeed, I have achieved the highest number of district rankings within the same year. Now that I have accomplished my vision – my objective is to surpass expectations!          

My great advice to students – It doesn’t matter where you come from, but what you want to become in your life, if you are confident about your goals, nothing could stop you from achieving them!

Ready to conquer the world through great discoveries? I shape future Physicists with versatile analytical skills. Learn Physics from an expert tutor to excel in your exams.


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