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Online profecincy test

Not sure about your competency? Take this online skill test to check your proficiency level in physics.

Moniter your progress

Get your completed online exam results quickly through the online scoring system and track your progress.

Analysis your weaknesses

Analyze the score and identify your weak areas. can help you improve and master in Physics.

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On 15th of June 10.00 am

Our Simple Process

Physics is no more a complicated subject – can make it simple. Thus, we have outlined a process to identify each student’s competency level, which helps me create precise me create precise teaching and leaning plans.

Step 01

Students will participate in smartphysics initial online exam.

Step 02

The exam marks will be given at the same time.

Step 03

Check the scores to understand your proficiency level.

Step 04

Enroll with us to become an expert in Physics.

Online Quiz

master class

Rasanya – Kalutara

Our A/L physics master classes will be conducted at the Rasanya institute of higher education in Kalutara.

Science Center – Ratnapura

We have covered the Ratnapura region by conducting our A/L master class sessions at the Science Center, Ratnapura.

Sipni – Anuradhapura

Learn physics from a reputed tutor by attending our sessions at Sipni higher education academy in Anuradhapura.

Principiya – Bandarawela

Students living in Bandarawela area could participate in our master class sessions held at Principia institute, Bandarawela.

How we work

Many students consider Physics as a complex subject, but we will make it easy to understand. Our tutoring practices are not limited to books. will make the entire learning process interesting by merging practical and theoretical teaching techniques.

new thinking

Thinking out of the box and ahead of boundary to give the best physics education to students

new ideas

My teaching practices are constantly updated with new ideas to give a better learning experience for students.


Students will highly benefit from my revision sessions. The personalised questions and coaching provide precise guidance to exams.

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